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An Exciting Announcement From Our Founders

Posted by Joe & Lauren on Feb 12, 2019 12:30:00 PM



For decades, buying cleaning products has meant contributing to the global plastic problem. As soon as you finished your bottle of multipurpose cleaner, you threw it into the trash (more likely) or maybe the recycling bin (less likely).

That changes now.





Because we launched the world's first cleaning supply subscription service that features:

  • Reusable bottles that contain 80% less plastic than other cleaning brands
  • Refill packages that are 100% recyclable
  • Sustainable packaging
  • 100% non-toxic formulas with 6 ingredients or less
  • Formulas that are just as effective or better at cleaning than other top cleaners
  • Quarterly deliveries right to your door so you never run out dish soap or bathroom cleaner ever again

On top of that, 3% of every ThreeMain purchase goes to our non-profit partner, the Rozalia Project. The Rozalia Project protects and cleans the ocean by removing plastic and researching ways to improve the health of our planet.

No one should ever have to feel guilty about the products they're using to clean their home, and now you won't have to.


Joe & Lauren

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